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Office Automation:


- Optimum Utilisation of available manpower with vast audit knowledge.

- Automate routine transcription.

- Simplify maintenance & retrieval of information.

- Support Senior - level Executive with MIS reports.

- Facilitate Junior - Level Executive/Superior staff with Monitoring reports.

- Use of LAN for resources sharing and data sharing.


The system has been designed keeping CDA (ARMY) working set up i.e. areas covered in OM PART II and not covering work entrusted to designated Controllers like stage payments, medical stores etc. Further taking into account the following parameters

1. Audit is carried out manually as hither to fore at different levels

2. Authentication of documents is not dispensed with

3. Data Entry is to be kept to the minimum level.

4. Maintenance of work book and control chart is not dispensed with

The Office Automation has been designed for payment of Vouchers/bills for issue of cheque; maintain recoveries due information and base registers on Computer and generation of return memos etc.

Extent and Scope:

- Bills, Valuable and Special Letters.

- Payment to Contractors for stores & Civil Hired Transport.

- Payment to contractors other than stores.

- TA/DA Requisitions and Claims.

- Pay Bills, Supplementary Bills and other Bills of Units/Formation.

- Demand, Debt. Head Registers.

- Cheque Printing.

- Cheque Linking.

- Scheduling of Vouchers.

- Return Memos.

- Booking of Expenditure.

- Noting of Allotment.


All outstanding demands held by the Audit Sections in registers are closed and balances struck. These are taken on to the computer and a print out of all details is generated, paired and reconciled. These details are held as Demand Register on Computer.

Processing of Bills:

Bills and valuables received in the Record Section - CDAs Office will be segregated section wise and data captured on Computer. Each document is given an unique ID number called “Dakid_No.” by the Computer. The information captured at Record Section is made available to Audit Sections. The document is accessed by entering the dakidno noted on the bill. The base information required by Audit Section is captured after the bill has been audited & passed manually. Booking of Expenditure is also done by Audit Section without movement of bills. Punching Media and Cheque slip are generated on computers. Daily Payment sheet for printing of cheques is also generated through Computer System.

Other Activities:

Top list and sub list are also generated on Computer to forward CRVs to LAOs.Monthly schedule of recoveries (the place of demand register) is generated from the data maintained on Computer, to assists the task holder to pair recoveries in Paybills.

The bills not accepted in audit are returned through Memos generated on the computer.

The various MIS Reports are generated as per prescribed time - schedule, and additional reports can be generated on as required basis.

Register Folios generated by the System are printed and filed at the section level.