रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक ( उत्तरी कमान) , जम्मू
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts
Northern Command,Jammu
Who's Who

Name of the Officer

Sl No


Telephone No

Email address
1 Sh. Anil Kumar Gupta, SAO Admin I,II, III, CSD, Wet Canteen & Legal Cell (0191)-2435439-201
2 Sh. M L Choudhary, SAO Admin IV, V, VII
3 Sh. Rajesh Kumar Gupta, SAO E-I,E-II (0191)-2435439-212 enggpcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
4 Sh. D K Sharma, AO Store Contract I,II and III (0191)-2435439-215 storectrpcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
5 Sh. Sunil Tutu, SAO A/c-V,
GST/GeM Cell
(0191)-2435439-20 oandmpcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
6 Sh. B S Jamwal, SAO Pay-III, ATORs Cell (0191)-2435439-208 paypcdanc.dad@nic.in
7 Sh. Vimal Kumar Sharma, SAO Pay I, Pay II/PayTech (0191)-2435439-106 paypcdanc.dad@nic.in
8 Sh. Manohar Lal, SAO D Section (0191)-2435439-211 dsectionpcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
9 Sh. Sanjay Peshin, SAO E-III & E-IV (0191)-2435439-213 enggpcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
10 Sh. Dev Raj Barna, SAO Misc Section (0191)-2435439-209 msectionpcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
11 Smt. Veena Raina, SAO T Section (0191)-2435439-207 tsectionpcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
12 Sh. B K Tikkoo, SAO Fund Cell, Store Audit & R Section (0191)-2435439-214 fundpcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
13 Sh. M S Sambyal, SAO AC-I,II, III, IV & S/c-IV (0191)-2435439-208 acctipcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
14 Sh. R K Gupta, SAO Internal Audit Cell (0191)-2435439-206 iapcdanc.dad@hub.nic.in
15 Sh. Virender Singh, ADOL Hindi Cell (0191)-2435439-108 hindicellpcdanc.dad@nic.in
16 Sh. Rakesh Sharma, SAO Record Section, IT&S (0191)-2435439-115 rsectionpcdanc.dad@nic.in